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If you’re in the Product Management world for quite a while or just start scratching the surface, you probably found already hundreds, even thousands of websites discussing the topic. I know because I did so. There are tons of them and some are really good no matter if you are an experienced Product Manager or just a “wannabe”.

So, why another website about the Product Management?

As the headline you see at the top of this page states: this place exists for me. And for anyone else interested.

I don’t know about you, but for me the best way to learn something new is to study then write it down. It worked this way since high school, college and later in my professional career. It’s some kind of a validation for myself.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Albert Einstein

I am not sure if this really belongs to Einstein, but I strongly agree with it. And if you don’t, just give it a try! You have no idea how hard it is 🙂

I am doing Product Management for quite a while. You probably did it too, but you just didn’t realize it. But every single day is a new opportunity to learn something new or to master existing skills. So I am reading a lot about this subject. And as I stated before, the volume of information is just huge, and sometimes I feel the need to synthesize what I just discovered. I kept using notebooks or just plain sheets of papers but I realized it’s very hard to come back to them later and I feel like all that valuable information is lost in some way.

That’s the reason behind this website. To have a place of my own to validate my knowledge and come back for later reviews. If you found it and you reached up here with the reading… well, I am flattered! Maybe you should return sometime and if you find anything that helps you in your journey to Product Management I am flattered even more.

Photo: Playa Venao, Panama. A fantastic place I have visited in 2016.

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